Delegate Hala Ayala Statement on Sears’ Refusal to Show Any Leadership

“Real leadership is about leading by example. Real leadership is not being evasive and hiding from Virginians at a time when they need to hear from you most. Make no mistake: This election is a life or death matter. It’s the deciding factor between whether we move forward and build back better from this pandemic, or if we backslide and the lives and rights of Virginians suffer as a result. Virginians need real leaders like Terry, Mark, and I who will show up and prioritize the health, safety, and success of all Virginians.”

ICYMI: Winsome Sears Insults Virginians, Highlights Weakness in Her Own Policy Platform

We all know it’s easier to throw rocks at a house than it is to build one, but we can and should expect more from our elected leaders. By claiming businesses won’t come to Virginia because Virginians are “uneducated,” Winsome Sears is insulting voters and only pointing out more flaws in her and Glenn Youngkin’s own policy platform, which aims to defund public education. 

ICYMI: Where Is Winsome?

In case you missed it, early voting is in full swing and Delegate Hala Ayala has been hard at work criss-crossing the Commonwealth to hear directly from Virginians about the issues they’d like to see addressed in Richmond. Meanwhile, extreme Republican candidate Winsome Sears has been “off the radar” according to the Virginia press corps after going “rogue” by declaring she would bring Texas’s radical abortion ban to Virginia and firing her entire campaign staff in one night.

Delegate Hala Ayala Calls on Winsome Sears to Drop Out of “Election Integrity” Rally

“Anyone who attempts to undermine faith in our democracy has absolutely no place leading it. It’s hard to think of anything as irresponsible as using fear and misinformation around our elections as a fundraising opportunity. I’m disappointed and disturbed to see my opponent continuing to peddle such a dangerous myth that has cost Americans their lives. I’m calling on her to drop out of this event and finally disavow this conspiracy theory.”