Del. Hala Ayala Returns to Richmond for Special Session

Today, Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, will return to Richmond for the General Assembly Special Session. As Chief Deputy Whip in the House of Delegates, Hala is the only candidate in the race with the legislative leadership experience to effectively preside over the state Senate and advance Virginia’s priorities.

Delegate Hala Ayala Calls on Winsome Sears to Drop Out of “Election Integrity” Rally

“Anyone who attempts to undermine faith in our democracy has absolutely no place leading it. It’s hard to think of anything as irresponsible as using fear and misinformation around our elections as a fundraising opportunity. I’m disappointed and disturbed to see my opponent continuing to peddle such a dangerous myth that has cost Americans their lives. I’m calling on her to drop out of this event and finally disavow this conspiracy theory.”

Delegate Hala Ayala Joined President Joe Biden, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Attorney General Mark Herring for Virginia Democrats Rally

“This November, Virginians have yet another opportunity to choose progress by supporting our Democratic ticket,” said Del. Ayala. “Just like President Biden, Terry, Mark, and I are ready to hit the ground running on day one. Together, we’ll build on the success of Governor Northam and our Democratic majority. We’ll never lose sight of the workers, families, and communities we’re fighting for here in Virginia. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll continue fighting to expand access to affordable health care, support our teachers and students, invest in broadband, and grow our economy.”

Del. Hala Ayala Joins Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable With Democratic Statewide Ticket, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, And Leading Advocates

Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, joined a gun violence prevention roundtable with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Governor Terry McAuliffe, Attorney General Mark Herring, House of Delegates Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, and gun violence prevention survivors and advocates from across the Commonwealth.

Del. Hala Ayala Raises Over $512K In Latest Filing Report With Over 75% of Contributions From Virginians

“This campaign is by and for Virginians, and I am so grateful to have the support of a community who also believes in building on our progress for a stronger, more prosperous Virginia. Together, we will expand healthcare access, invest in our public schools and small businesses, and increase the affordability of quality child care. I will never forget the Virginian workers, families, and community members who I am fighting for, and I will continue to put them first as lieutenant governor.”

Delegate Hala Ayala’s Statement on Historic Juneteenth Celebrations

"I am proud to join so many across our nation and Commonwealth to honor Juneteenth - a day of somber remembrance and also celebration. For over two centuries our nation has celebrated the fourth of July as independence day - but not all Americans were truly free. Now thanks to President Biden and Governor Northam, we have a holiday that truly commemorates the legacy of slavery in our country."

Delegate Hala Ayala Wins Democratic Primary for Virginia Lieutenant Governor

"Thank you to the voters who believed in our vision and voted to make history tonight. I am also grateful to my family, including my children, Chedrick and Amber, our volunteers, supporters, interns, and staff, and all of the elected officials and grassroots activists who supported our campaign and worked so hard to help share our vision for a stronger future."

Delegate Hala Ayala’s Statement on Virginia Lifting Its Mask Mandate, Ending COVID-19 Mitigation Restrictions on May 28

“Today’s announcement by Governor Northam is a milestone that every Virginian should celebrate and welcome, and it is a true testament to our Commonwealth’s grit and resolve throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the leadership of Governor Northam and our General Assembly, Virginia has been a national leader throughout the pandemic in testing, safety protocol, vaccinations, and economic recovery.”

Delegate Hala Ayala’s Statement on Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears

“Virginians need a Lieutenant Governor who can build bridges instead of barriers to progress. They need a Lieutenant Governor who will protect and expand reproductive rights, not attack them. They need a Lieutenant Governor who will make it easier to vote, not harder. Virginians need a Lieutenant Governor who understands their struggles and who can build on the progress we’ve made to make real change in people's lives. I am that candidate, and as Lieutenant Governor, I will be a leader for all Virginians, no matter their political party.”