Weekly Roundup - September 12, 2021

With less than one week until early voting begins in the Commonwealth, Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, has been 100% focused on sharing her message of progress and connecting with Virginia voters. 

This week, Hala’s extreme Republican opponent Winsome Sears proved once again how much is at stake for Virginia this November by pledging to bring Texas’s vigilante abortion policies to the Commonwealth, despite the fact that 79% of Virginians support the right to choose. 

When she’s elected Lieutenant Governor, Hala will never stop fighting to protect Virginians’ fundamental rights, including the right to choose. 


This week, Delegate Ayala: 

  • Joined Governor Terry McAuliffe, Attorney General Mark Herring, and Senator Jennifer McClellan for a press conference to emphasize the importance of protecting the right to choose in Virginia in response to extreme candidate Winsome Sears’ pledge to bring Texas’s vigilante abortion laws to the Commonwealth. Delegate Ayala released the following statement

    • “We don’t need to guess what my opponent’s vigilante intentions are. She’ll come out and tell you! Winsome Sears wants to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and she supports bringing a six-week abortion ban like the one we’re seeing in Texas right here to our Commonwealth. Once again, my opponent has proven that she and her backwards vision for Virginia are far too extreme for our communities.” 

    • “Virginia’s Senate sits at a 20-20 tie when it comes to choice, and our next Lieutenant Governor will be the last line of defense for Virginians’ reproductive rights. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll never stop fighting to protect our fundamental rights. Unfortunately, my opponent simply can’t say the same.”

  • Released her first TV ad of the general election, sharing her story and her vision for a Virginia in which every individual has the opportunity to thrive. 


  • Joined This Week in Virginia to discuss her candidacy and how she’ll move the Commonwealth forward by protecting an individual’s right to choose, expanding access to health care, investing in Virginia’s public schools, and passing gun safety reform. 

  • Connected with business owners at the Asian Chamber of Commerce and Multicultural Chamber of Commerce candidate forums. As the next Lieutenant Governor, Hala will continue to grow the economy and keep Virginia #1 in the nation for business.





Richmond Times-Dispatch: With election wins, Va. Republicans could pass laws restricting abortion. The race for lieutenant governor is key.
If Republicans are successful in the fall election, they could pass new laws restricting abortion in Virginia, something groups opposed to abortion would welcome, while Democrats are raising alarm.
"This Republican ticket has made it clear that, given the opportunity, they will restrict reproductive health care, which will disproportionately target Black and Brown Virginians," Ayala said at the news conference. "This is the arc of injustice right here. Winsome Sears wants to amplify inequities in our reproductive health care systems."

Virginia Scope: Hala Ayala launches first TV ad for general election
Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Hala Ayala is launching her first TV ad of the general election campaign. Ayala is facing Republican nominee Winsome Sears for the number two spot in the Executive Branch. 

The ad was filmed in a gas station like the one where Ayala used to work according to her campaign. “Night shifts. Minimum wage. Pregnant, with no health care,” Ayala says in the ad. “But with a little help and a lot of hard work, I built a career and a middle class life.” 

The Hill: Virginia GOP lt. gov. nominee says she would support heartbeat abortion legislation
Virginia Republican lieutenant gubernatorial nominee Winsome Sears said on Friday that she would support heartbeat abortion legislation amid the fallout over a Texas law that bans abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. 
"As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll never stop fighting to protect our fundamental rights," Ayala said. "Unfortunately, my opponent simply can’t say the same."

Virginia Scope: Sears says she would support heartbeat abortion restriction in Virginia
Republican lieutenant governor candidate Winsome Sears gave her full support for the new heartbeat abortion restriction in Texas and said she would support the same restriction here in Virginia. The comments came while Sears was being interviewed on a Newsmax talk show. 
Democrats pushed back against the comments from Sears quickly. “We don’t need to guess what my opponent’s vigilante intentions are. She’ll come out and tell you!” Ayala said in a statement Saturday. 

Ayala also tweeted the video of the interview from Sears. “When it comes to choice, our Virginia Senate is tied, and it’s never been more essential to have a pro-choice Democrat as our Lieutenant Governor,” she captioned the video, referencing the main role of the lieutenant governor as presiding over and breaking ties in the state Senate. “I will always vote to protect your right to make decisions about your body. Unfortunately, my opponent can’t say the same.”
WDBJ7: Virginia Democratic ticket pledges defense of abortion rights
The Democrats running for statewide office in Virginia say their Republican opponents will ban abortion and defund Planned Parenthood.
“I want every single voter to know this,” Ayala said. “Reproductive rights are on the ballot this November, and there is only one ticket who will protect your rights.”