Hala For Virginia Releases New TV Ad Touting Legislative Experience, Washington Post Endorsement

“As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll keep us moving forward. Together.” 

WOODBRIDGE, VA — Today, Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, released ‘Steps,’ a new advertisement touting her record of delivering for Virginia families as a leader in the General Assembly. Hala is the only candidate in the race for lieutenant governor with the lived and legislative leadership experience necessary to advance Virginia’s priorities. The ad is a part of a statewide communications campaign to share Hala’s story and her vision for Virginia. 

“The progress our Commonwealth has made over the past few years is on the line, and it matters which woman sits in the Lieutenant Governor’s seat,” said Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor. “Our current Lieutenant Governor has cast 52 tie-breaking votes on consequential issues like protecting the right to choose, passing gun safety reform, and delivering Medicaid expansion. While I’ve focused my time as chief deputy whip in the House of Delegates on moving Virginia forwards, radical Republican candidates are fighting to take our Commonwealth backwards. As a proud champion for Virginia’s workers, businesses, students, and communities, I’ll never stop pushing for progress.”

Read a transcript of the ad below.

No matter who wins this November, Virginia will elect its first woman Lieutenant Governor. 

It matters who that woman is.

I’m Hala Ayala. As a leader in the General Assembly, I’ve walked the halls of Richmond, and gotten results.

Expanding affordable health care for over five hundred thousand Virginians.
Capping the price of life saving drugs like insulin. 
Passing common sense gun safety laws.

As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll keep us moving forward. Together.