Delegate Hala Ayala Statement on Texas’ Radical Six Week Abortion Ban

WOODBRIDGE, VA — Today, Texas’ extreme six week abortion ban goes into effect, effectively ending Roe v. Wade in the state. The new law, which bans abortions before many even know they are pregnant, places a $10,000 bounty in court damages over the heads of anyone who helps an individual obtain an abortion, including abortion providers, those who drive an individual to a clinic, and those who provide financial assistance in obtaining an abortion.

“What we are seeing today in Texas is the latest in a long string of abhorrent attacks on an individual’s right to choose,” said Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor. “This law, which places a bounty over the heads of anyone who would help an individual obtain an abortion, is cruel, inhumane, and a national disgrace. Once again, Republicans are proving they will stop at nothing to strip an individual of their fundamental rights.”

“The Supreme Court’s shameful refusal to step in on behalf of Roe v. Wade, the law of the land, is further proof that protecting the right to choose will come down to our state legislatures. Here in Virginia, the state Senate is at a 20-20 tie on the issue of choice, meaning the next Lieutenant Governor will be the last line of defense for Virginians’ reproductive rights. As Lieutenant Governor, I will always protect our fundamental rights, which includes the right to make decisions about our own bodies."