Delegate Hala Ayala Statement on Sears’ Refusal to Show Any Leadership

WOODBRIDGE, VA — Today, Delegate Hala Ayala, the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, released the following statement in response to extreme candidate Winsome Sears’ refusal to say whether or not she has done her part to keep Virginians safe by getting vaccinated against COVID-19:

“Real leadership is about leading by example. Real leadership is not being evasive and hiding from Virginians at a time when they need to hear from you most. Make no mistake: This election is a life or death matter. It’s the deciding factor between whether we move forward and build back better from this pandemic, or if we backslide and the lives and rights of Virginians suffer as a result. Virginians need real leaders like Terry, Mark, and I who will show up and prioritize the health, safety, and success of all Virginians.”

CNN: Virginia's elections will be the most telling political test yet of stringent Covid policies
By: Dan Merica, 10/07/2021

The off-year elections in Virginia this November will serve as possibly the most revealing test of whether strict coronavirus policies, like vaccine mandates and mask requirements, are good politics in a contested election.


But perhaps the contest that has exposed the most gapping divide between Democrats and Republicans in Virginia on Covid is the lieutenant governor race between Democrat Hala Ayala, a member of the commonwealth's House of Delegates, and Republican Winsome Sears, a former member of the legislative body. While Youngkin has at times tried to moderate his position on vaccines, telling audiences he is vaccinated and urging people to get the shot even has he refuses to back mandates, his Republican running mate has said it was time to "leave people be" on vaccines and, in an interview with CNN, declined to say whether she is vaccinated.


These positions stand in stark relief to Ayala, who has backed vaccine and mask mandates in certain settings, pledged to follow science as lieutenant governor and speaks openly about her decision to get vaccinated.

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