Delegate Hala Ayala Calls on Winsome Sears to Drop Out of “Election Integrity” Rally

WOODBRIDGE, VA — Extreme Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears is slated to attend an “election integrity” banquet as a featured guest in August, despite the fact that sowing doubt in U.S. elections and democracy incited an insurrection in the Capitol earlier this year and led to the deaths of several Americans. In response, Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, released the following statement.

“Anyone who attempts to undermine faith in our democracy has absolutely no place leading it. It’s hard to think of anything as irresponsible as using fear and misinformation around our elections as a fundraising opportunity. I’m disappointed and disturbed to see my opponent continuing to peddle such a dangerous myth that has cost Americans their lives. I’m calling on her to drop out of this event and finally disavow this conspiracy theory.”

Delegate Hala Ayala is a cybersecurity expert and voting rights champion. As a leader in the House of Delegates and a member of the Legislative Black Caucus, she has been instrumental in the repeal of Jim Crow-era restrictions on voting, and helped move Virginia from 49th to 12th in the country for ease of voting. In the House, Hala passed a bill for same-day voter registration in 2020, and worked to pass the South’s first Voting Rights Act, and automatic voter registration. As the next Lieutenant Governor, she will continue to champion access to the ballot box and ensure that every Virginian’s voice is heard.