Ayala Releases Plan to Tackle the Gun Violence Epidemic on 14th Anniversary of Virginia Tech Shooting

Plan calls for banning “ghost guns” and other undetectable firearms, banning military-style assault weapons, closing the hate crime loophole, partnering with federal legislators to repeal the Tiahrt Amendments, preventing domestic abusers from accessing firearms, and recognizing gun violence as a public health crisis. 

Woodbridge, VA -- Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released her plan to tackle the gun violence epidemic in honor and memory of the 32 Hokies who we lost 14 years ago today in the Virginia Tech shooting. 

Ayala knows the pain and trauma of gun violence personally. When she was 2 years old, her father was shot and murdered. She saw her mother suffer from severe PTSD as a result. That is why she has been a gun sense champion in the General Assembly since being elected in 2017.  Ayala will continue to honor her father and all of the victims of gun violence through action as Lieutenant Governor. 

Ayala’s plan includes:  

  • Banning “ghost guns” and other undetectable firearms. 
  • Banning military-style assault weapons. 
  • Closing the hate crime loophole. 
  • Partnering with federal legislators to repeal the Tiahrt Amendments to aid the enforcement of gun laws. 
  • Preventing domestic abusers from accessing firearms. 
  • Recognizing gun violence as a public health crisis. 

“We remember the 32 Hokies who lost during the horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech 14 years ago today,” said Ayala. “We honor those lost during the shooting, the survivors, and the entire Hokie community who bear the trauma of senseless gun violence through action, which is why I am releasing my plan to end the gun violence epidemic in our Commonwealth today.  As a survivor of gun violence, I have worked tirelessly during my time as Delegate and as Chief Deputy Whip to ensure that our Democratic majority passed comprehensive gun sense legislation, including background checks and Emergency Risk Protective Orders, which are supported by a vast majority of Virginians. As Lieutenant Governor, I will ensure that we build on this progress by finally banning ghost guns and military-style assault weapons and closing the hate crime loophole.”

Ayala is the first candidate for Lieutenant Governor to release a comprehensive plan to tackle the gun violence epidemic. 

You can read more about Ayala’s plan and her record here