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“Our current Lieutenant Governor has cast 52 tie-breaking votes in the state Senate on critical issues including health care, choice, workers’ rights, criminal justice reform, and more. It is absolutely critical that Democrats hold this seat to protect the progress we have made in our Commonwealth. As early voting begins, I encourage every Virginian to make their voices heard, whether they’re voting by mail, in-person, or dropping off their ballots. Democracy is not a spectator sport, so get off the sidelines and vote!”

In case you missed it, the Washington Post editorial board endorsed Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor, championing her as a “levelheaded [progressive] aligned with Virginia,” in contrast to her extreme opponent, who “publicly backed Texas’s draconian antiabortion law, then fired most of her campaign staff.”

“This month — and every month — I am proud to celebrate my Hispanic heritage. From the Hispanic American leaders in elected office to the labor movement leaders and essential workers who are leading us through this pandemic, there is no denying that our communities are made better by Hispanic Americans’ contributions. National Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity for Virginia to celebrate our diversity, and for our country to celebrate our roots as a nation of immigrants.”

In a state Senate with a 20-20 tie on the issue of choice, Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor will likely cast the vote to decide if a radical abortion ban like the one in Texas makes it through the General Assembly. Extreme Republican candidate Winsome Sears has made it abundantly clear she actively supports stripping an individual of their fundamental rights, despite the fact that 79% of Virginians support protecting access to abortion.

Since 2018, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has cast 52 tie-breaking votes in his role as President of the state Senate on key issues including protecting affordable, accessible health care and the right to choose, expanding gun safety reform, and more. 

As Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor, Delegate Hala Ayala will serve as the deciding vote to protect the progress the Democratic majority has made over the past few years and advance the Commonwealth’s priorities.

This week, Hala’s extreme Republican opponent Winsome Sears proved once again how much is at stake for Virginia this November by pledging to bring Texas’s vigilante abortion policies to the Commonwealth, despite the fact that 79% of Virginians support the right to choose.

When she’s elected Lieutenant Governor, Hala will never stop fighting to protect Virginians’ fundamental rights, including the right to choose.