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It’s time to turn the tides of history and start investing in the people who need care and those who provide it. As a nation, we’ve failed to support the women — and, more pointedly, the women of color — who do this work. By taking care workers for granted, we’ve also failed to create a true care infrastructure to support the people who rely on services at home and in their communities. All Virginians who depend on care to go about their daily lives should be able to access the same high-quality, compassionate care Bumbray Graves provides for her sister and niece. 

We all know it’s easier to throw rocks at a house than it is to build one, but we can and should expect more from our elected leaders. By claiming businesses won’t come to Virginia because Virginians are “uneducated,” Winsome Sears is insulting voters and only pointing out more flaws in her and Glenn Youngkin’s own policy platform, which aims to defund public education. 

Today, Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, released ‘Steps,’ a new advertisement touting her record of delivering for Virginia families as a leader in the General Assembly. Hala is the only candidate in the race for lieutenant governor with the lived and legislative leadership experience necessary to advance Virginia’s priorities. The ad is a part of a statewide communications campaign to share Hala’s story and her vision for Virginia. 

“This November, all of the progress Virginia has made over the last few years is on the line. It’s going to take every Virginian making their voice heard at the ballot box to defend our health care, reproductive rights, public schools, gun safety reforms, and more. Elections have consequences, and democracy is not a spectator sport. This National Voter Registration Day, make sure you’re registered and make a plan to vote. Our Commonwealth as we know it depends on it.”

ICYMI: Where Is Winsome?

September 21, 2021

In case you missed it, early voting is in full swing and Delegate Hala Ayala has been hard at work criss-crossing the Commonwealth to hear directly from Virginians about the issues they’d like to see addressed in Richmond. Meanwhile, extreme Republican candidate Winsome Sears has been “off the radar” according to the Virginia press corps after going “rogue” by declaring she would bring Texas’s radical abortion ban to Virginia and firing her entire campaign staff in one night.

As early voting begins, Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, is 100% focused on connecting with voters across the Commonwealth. As the only candidate with the lived and legislative leadership experience necessary to move Virginia forward, Hala will amplify every Virginian’s voice in Richmond.

Go to to make a plan to vote. Virginians can also call the Virginia Voter Hotline with any questions, concerns, or problems at (844) 4VA-VOTE or (844-482-8683).